Sustainability Calendar

It’s always handy to know what kind of things are being represented, celebrated or acted upon locally, nationally and even internationally. 

With reference to sustainable outcomes and raising awareness of environmental, community and climate relevant topics, here is a basic list of dates, days etc. dedicated to specific topics. 

All of these are important to every person who is concerned and working towards climate action; where we can, MAC-CAN always tries to keep these special times in mind to increase opportunities for education and supporting communities with their own sustainability goals. We may also have ideas of creating our own local celebratory days, weeks or months for DG8 so watch this space!  

The information below may not be 100% accurate specifically date wise for the current/upcoming year but has been pulled together from research online and from our partners… it’s just to let you know that these things exist. If there’s anything not on the list, there are plenty of other similar calendars online – why recreate the wheel as they say? These are just ones we have cherry-picked! 


If you’d like more information on anything listed here click the blue links. 


Please remember that the content of any external links is not verified or endorsed by MAC-CAN. 


17th – Big Energy Saving Week 

Big Energy Saving Campaign – Citizens Advice


3rd – World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day EN | United Nations

22nd – World Water Day

World Water Day | United Nations


First week in April – Community Gardening Week

7th – World Health Day 

World Health Day (

27th – Stop Food Waste Day 



June is the month of community

Month of Community – Eden Project Communities

3rd – World Bicycle Day 

World Bicycle Day | United Nations

First week in June – National Volunteers Week

Volunteers’ Week –  (

5th – World Environment Day 

World Environment Day | United Nations

8th – World Oceans Day 

World Oceans Day | United Nations

17th – World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought 

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought | United Nations

18th – Sustainable Gastronomy Day 

Sustainable Gastronomy Day | United Nations

19th – World Rainforest Day 

World Rainforest Day – CareOurEarth



1-31st – Organic September

Organic September | Soil Association

5th – International Day of Charity 

International Day of Charity | United Nations

4-8th Zero Waste Week

Home – Zero Waste Week

7th – Clean Air, Blue Skies Day

Associated Events (

16th – International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer | United Nations

17-26th – Global Goals Week

Global Goals Week

20th – Recycle Week 

Recycle Week | WRAP

21st – International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace | United Nations

18-26th – Great Big Green Week 

About – Great Big Green Week

26th – 2nd Oct – Scottish Climate Week

Climate Week | Net Zero Nation

29th – International Awareness Day on Food Loss and Waste Reduction

Food Loss and Waste Reduction | United Nations


5th – World Soil Day

World Soil Day | United Nations

5th – International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day | United Nations

11th – International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day | United Nations

27th – Stop Food Waste Day 


What else can WE ALL be aware of?

It’s good to be informed in order to make educated choices and make behaviour changes that work towards our own personal and collective action against climate change, and build more resilient communities. 

Click on the links above each image to find out more!

If you know of any more important local, national or international dates or movements, please get in touch  ….