Even small climate actions can make a big impact, whether it’s a local plant swap, visiting a permaculture learning space, going on a guided walk in a wood or meeting up to discuss zero waste options in your area. 

Please scroll down to see a fuller collection of events in our local DG8 area or those we think you may find interesting to attend elsewhere or online.

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😃Bigger and bolder! 🌿
Will you join us for Have a Grow this June!🌻
Taking place over 9 days (June 1st – 9th), we want to invite all our members to have a grow, showcasing more of what makes community green spaces so special🙌.
We want to help you to open your doors and shout about the great work you do.
Being part of Have a Grow puts you on our map, and we’ll promote your organisation. Our resource pack is full of ideas for big or small events, and last week’s talk from Isla gives plenty of practical tips for open days.
This year our theme is Climate Action and we want to highlight, with your help, the everyday ways that growing food and community connection are climate actions.


The Great Big Green Week is the UK’s biggest ever celebration of community action to tackle climate change and protect nature. 
Get involved by attending an event in your local area, or by sharing how you’re taking action to tackle climate change and protect nature online. 
Find out more online here: Great Big Green Week


Coming up…

South Machars Crop Swap


Coming up…

South Machars Crop Swap in Newton Stewart on 4th August


Coming up…

South Machars Crop Swap in Newton Stewart on 28th September


Calling all Dumfries and Galloway food and drink producers!


From the SMCC, Whithorn:


“Our 2023 Food Festival went off with a bang, so we’re doing it again! This time we need more fantastic, high quality, local foodies to join us. Either showing off your wonderful wares in our market, or hosting a workshop or demonstration to show what you do.
We want to hear from you! Contact us on 01988 500364 or in**@sm**********.org.”


Watch this space!


Watch this space!

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